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Modern times need modern techniques. We can modify the size of the teams according to the requirements at the moment. We work with freelancers spread all over the world.

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Responsive Web Applications

Fully functional on mobile devices

Fast and scalable Responsive and Progressive Web Applications


Content Management System

Use any of the top CMS available as open source like Wordpress and Drupal

Tech Stack


Fast development of modern applications

React is a widely used library compatible with many tools available as open source.


Backend Environment to make scalable network applications

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side and networking applications.


Animations and effects

With the latest CSS version, browsers are more capable of drawing fast animations and responsive layouts.


years of experience


more than 100 websites and web apps


Amazon Web Services hosted applications

Jorge works very hard and takes accountability of all his work. He is very good at keeping the tasks organized and raising the necessary flags when something requires attention. He makes sure he understands what's needed before investing unnecessary time on it. Jorge definitively knows how to share knowledge and work as part of a team.

Miguel Alvarez

Analog Folk

Meet our team

Jorge Ortega

Senior Software Developer

12 years of experience building Websites and Single Page Applications for more than 100 clients

+49 174 931 5003

Andres Gallego

Senior Software Developer

8 years of experience creating applications for desktop and mobile.

Costa Rica | Argentina | Estonia

+49 0174 931 5003